1% Down To Qualified Applicants  

Brother's Bail Bonds has been in business since 1989. We have agents in EVERY county!

We are located at 210 E. Lexington St. Baltimore, MD 21202. Our professional bail bonds staff will spring into action to help you understand the bail process and make this difficult situation as easy as possible for you. Whether you are in jail for a traffic ticket, warrant, DUI, or any other type of violation, we understand what you are going through. 

Our goal is to provide the fastest and most efficient service possible when processing your bail. Our easy payments, low prices, and convenient location are all that you need to get out of jail fast! 
We accept ALL major Credit Cards and Personal Checks (with proper ID).

Available around the clock 7 days a week. We make housecalls.
1 % Down To Qualified Applicants. Easy Payment Plans.
Maryland's quickest and most trusted bailbond agency. Serving all of Maryland for 27 years. Established in 1989.

Free warrant check. No bond too large or too small.
  Always speak to a licensed bail agent. 
We accept collect calls. Always confidential.

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Our Mission:

At Brothers Bail Bonds Our formula for success is simple.

From day one, we’ve focused on three things:

- Making our service more convenient and faster for customers
- Working out easier credit terms for customers who need them
- Delivering outstanding customer service before, during and after bail is posted

Thousands of bails later, our focus hasn’t changed. We understand that there is a story behind every bail - a hard working person who came to us because they or a loved one is experiencing a difficult situation. A situation centered on a confusing criminal justice system.

We will treat every customer - regardless of their situation - with respect and do our best to accommodate them in their time of need.

Bail Bonds are the best solution for all immediate bail needs, and millions of consumers rely on them each year around the country.

Brothers Bail Bonds, is committed to serving those customers better than anyone.